What would happen if one or more of your employees suddenly became too ill to work or suffered a serious injury in the course of their duties?


The most valuable assets of any company are its employees, so it is important that the welfare of your staff  is carefully protected.


Designed for both local and international employees, The First Allied Income Protection Plan (IPP) has been specifically designed to meet the needs and requirements of International companies looking to provide essential employee benefits to their staff members living and working in conflict and post-conflict markets.

The plan provides your employees with a replacement income in the event that they become incapacitated due to Sickness or an Accident, thereby bringing peace of mind to your employees that in the event they are unable to continue work and require an extended period of treatment and recovery they will continue to receive a regular income.


How the Plan works


If your employee suffers an injury or illness which entirely prevents them from attending to their business or occupation for longer than the deferment period, they can start claiming the income protection plan benefit.

The benefit we will pay will be the annual benefit you have insured, provided that it is not more than 100% of the gross annual salary they were being paid at the time of their disability.

Protecting your employees salary


The First Allied Employee Income Protection plan will provide your employee with a regular monthly replacement income when an illness or injury prevents them from working. The income will start after a deferment period of either 14 days, 1 month or 3 months - You decide the deferment period required.

You may apply for an annual income benefit of up to 100% of your employees annual salary.

As an employer, you choose the level of benefit that is appropriate to your employees current income, so that if they become injured or too ill to work, they can still maintain their lifestyle whilst in recovery. Full cover for injury and illness resulting from War, Terrorism & Kidnap is also included at no extra cost.