Health and Medical

Across the world the demand for private corporate healthcare has never been greater and whilstmany options are available from a wide range of International providers, the cost can often

be prohibitive.


The First Allied Global Health & Hospital Plan now gives you an affordable option. Providing all the essential benefits for general medical and Hospital treatment in most countries of the world,

the Global Health and Hospital plan offers:


  • 'Per Claim' benefits of between $10,000 and $250,000 per person - no annual maximum


  • Suitable for both expatriate and local national employees, including Security personnel


  • Includes medical cover following acts of war, terrorism and kidnap


  • Discounted rates for adult and child dependents


  • Competitive group discounts available


  • Underwritten with A rated security through Lloyd's of London


  • Premiums starting from below $10 per month, per person


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